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About Creative Landscape Lighting


Upon our consultation, we will design a lighting system which will suit your current needs and allow for expansion to accommodate future requests.


As owner of Creative Landscape Lighting, I am at each job alongside my employees during the installation process. If a question or change arises I can assist you immediately. Also, the greatest care is taken to ensure minimal disturbance of your current landscape. Each job is performed in the neatest, most professional manner. Once installation is near completion, customers are encouraged to get involved in the final process where we focus on special features and position the fixtures to your preference.


An annual service program is available to change each fixtures lamp (bulb), lubricate gaskets, check wire connections and transformers. This also includes re-positioning fixtures if needed or pruning overgrown vegetation obstructing fixtures. We highly recommend this program to ensure your system is running optimally and gives you many years of trouble free service.

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